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Shush girl, shut your lips

do the helen keller and talk with your hips.

The prefect dress.

August 28, 2009
My uncle's wedding is next month.
And I got nothing nice to wear.
I don't own a dress.
I want to get myself one.
A pretty pretty one.
I've a picked a few from f21 and asos that I really really like and wish to have.

This is the prettiest.
I love this one.

Thinking about it,
It might take quite some time till stocks arrive in SG.
Anyone knows where I can this now. NOWNOWNOW?

Happy birthday brother! & take a look at this heartless fuck face.

August 22, 2009

Happy birthday to my dearest brother.
Because of his Selena crazed, I did this for him.
I made another two, but it turned pretty ugly though.
Well, hope you like it and you have to.
I spent hours doing it, for all three.
And diminish half of the printer ink.

I got this source somewhere.
Poor baby chick got squashed by this fuck face.
Very cruel, don't you think so?
I hope she'll be punished for what she did.
Seriously, she is insane, lunatic, heartless, callous, merciless and cold blooded.

Fish&Co, 2nd last day with E24L

August 17, 2009

Fish&Co with B last Saturday.
He always look gluttony to me.
It made me mused over the past
where we had fish&co during vday (:

2nd last day with E24L.
tmr will be the last,
then UT! damn.
but good thing though if it starts at 830am, i finished ard 930am.
Then i will have more time to sleep and see b (:

Mel, my pretty faci.
B, don't comment. I know what you are going to say.

Nicole, prettiest girl in class.

Sandy, dma pro.

Bay, the most rough I've seen in a girl in my life.

I might be moving to onsugar (:

Alice In Wonderland.

August 14, 2009
I so want to catch Alice In Wonderland.
& Johnny Depp's make up is so scary.
He looks like some scary weird Ah pek.

Ugly poster I did for Digital Media Arts Class.
I remembered somebody told me it looked like those obituary. HAH.
It's a last minute work. Ugly much.


August 14, 2009
E24L <3
Many didnt turned up today.
Prolly cos its lam fung's class? (The rest over at FB)
UT is just next week. And I have yet to touch on the 6Ps.

Still, Im not satisfied.

August 13, 2009

New skin, like finally.
I've been working on it for days.
Well, there's one thing that doesn't work though.
So I didn't put it up.

Still, I felt there's something missing with this new layout.
There's something about it that I don't really like.
Oh well.

I never thought my life would be topsy turvy.

August 12, 2009
Life is so fucked up. Seriously.

I want to be alone right now.
I will reply tags tmr. Sorry people.


August 10, 2009
My blog needs a new look.
Well, If I have the time.

080809, a special day for that boy im in ♥ with.

August 09, 2009

This boy turned 19. I hope you enjoy the day B. Even though the 'surprises' doesn't turned out to be a surprise. The lies I told him wasn't intentional; "im in school", "i couldnt online", "there's some problem with the internet/connection". In actual fact, I decided to partial. Went all the trouble to Wisma > Taka > Heeren > Vivo just to get you a present. I didn't manage to grab a seat ever since I left school. My legs ached real bad. Spent 2-3 hours making a special birthday card for you. I went round and round lot1 to get a cake for you. I emptied my only and only piggy bank. I went all the trouble just for you cos im in love. In love with you. Happy Birthday B ♥
(pictures over at FB)

& to my cousin, Shaha, Happy birthday to you too.
I will get a present for you!
But wait awhile okay? Dont be so impatient. HAHA.

Reply to tags:

garey: hehheh. i love you too! happy 5th month! megan fox is quite hot too! hmmm. *giggles*
You and your megan fox. Wait till I start with my BOF. hahaha! hope you enjoy your bday b! mwah ♥

Eana: Avon eh? I think so? Haha, my mum alws order stuffs from thr. Ah k, she very bhb. That day she said she got phd, kimeek. Sumpah perasan. -.-
I think so its a malay brand. haha! what's bhb? lol, what did she say that?!

Ilana: When can I see you for shopping sprees?!
When i have kachingz, okay? Btw, have you talk with your boyf yet? I hope you're fine and it doesn't affect you too much. Take care nuer, mummy is always here for you (:

Cos I love you.

August 01, 2009
Happy 5months B (Inserts XOXO)
Ever since I met you,
I wouldn't want to let you go.
Cos I love you.



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everything about me.

The fact is,

you don't.









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